The use of paper has increased rapidly in modern society and has multiplied 40 times since the beginning of the 20th century. Given that nowadays the annual consumption exceeds 200,000,000 tons per year, there is an urgent need to recycle it.


The paper production process includes activities that harm the environment. From the moment a forest is cultivated until paper reaches the hands of the consumer, the raw material gradually turns into waste. Its recycling, if properly managed, is cost-effective and produces recycled paper of good quality.


Our participation in paper recycling results in multiple financial benefits for our customers-partners. Specifically, we are active in the stage of collecting and sorting paper for pulping. 


For this process, we use trucks equipped with a special crane, aiming at a faster and more flexible service to our customers. We also place industrial bins. All the above are carried out through ecological procedures, without burdening the environment and humans!