Our company is also active in renting bins and containers for the collection of waste, rubble and recyclable materials.


We have all kinds of bins in order to be able to meet the needs of each space, addressing both the public and the private sectors. The rental of bins and containers is necessary in any kind of activity, either industrial or commercial. Our well-trained staff installs the appropriate equipment at your place, for the collection of waste, rubble, building and recyclable materials. The activity of our company extends from the placement of bins up to the collection of waste and debris.


We have:

  • Full range of bins, both open & closed
  • Containers of various sizes
  • Waste compactors.


Trust our company for the immediate, consistent and responsible management of your waste (in accordance with the requirements of the legislation), as follows:

  • We collect and store, temporarily, the waste in the appropriate waste containers, taking into account its type and characteristics.
  • We proceed to their immediate disposal, following careful planning.
  • We transport waste (from its production area) using special vehicles and in the safest manner.
  • We dispose the waste in predetermined areas, in accordance with the regulations of the Cypriot and European legislation.